HAECO Cabin Solutions provides Spirit Airlines with Vector Seating for A320neo Family aircraft

Published date: 23 May 2023


HAECO Cabin Solutions, a member of the HAECO Group, congratulates Spirit Airlines on their 30th anniversary at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and continued success as a leading U.S. airline. As announced in October 2022, HAECO is proud to provide Spirit with innovative seating solutions for their new A320 Family aircraft. The Vector Light™️ and the Vector Premium™️ seats are designed to enhance the comfort and experience of Spirit's passengers, while also offering fuel-efficient features that reduce the environmental impact of air travel.

The Vector Light™️ and Vector Premium™️ seats are the result of intensive research and development by HAECO Cabin Solutions' team of experts. To cater to Spirit’s needs, the new seat technology adds a half-inch of width to each seat through a new armrest design and a patented seat leg. Middle seats will continue to be an inch wider than aisle and window seats, providing more room for passengers to relax and enjoy their flight. The curved seatback designs unlock space at the knee level, providing about two more inches of knee space compared to flatback seats on legacy airlines with the same pitch. All seats will have more cushion and newly added headrests, ensuring that passengers can travel in comfort and style.

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Spirit's Big Front Seats® are designed for passengers who want extra space and comfort and have also been re-designed to include nearly an inch more pre-recline, easier-to-reach tray tables, and wider seatbacks. These changes are aimed at providing an even more comfortable experience for passengers in premium seats.

In addition to enhancing passenger comfort, the Vector Light™️ seats support improved fuel efficiency, with a decrease of nearly 11 ounces per seat as a result of advances in seat frame technology. This weight reduction reduces fuel burn across the fleet.

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“HAECO Cabin Solutions is committed to providing industry-leading seating solutions that prioritise passenger comfort and satisfaction, while also reducing the environmental impact of air travel. The Vector Light™️ and Vector Premium™️ seats are a testament to this commitment, and we are proud to partner with Spirit to provide exceptional experiences for their passengers,” said Doug Rasmussen, President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions.

The Vector Light™️ and Vector Premium™️ seats represent the latest innovations in aircraft seating technology and HAECO is excited to see them in use on Spirit's new A320neo Family aircraft. HAECO looks forward to continuing its partnership with Spirit and other airlines around the world to provide innovative, comfortable, and sustainable seating solutions that meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry.


About HAECO Group
HAECO Group is one of the world’s leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service providers. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions encompassing airframe services, line services, cabin solutions, inventory technical management, component overhaul, aerostructure repairs, landing gear services, engine services, global engine support, parts manufacturing and technical training. HAECO Group comprises 16 operating companies, employing around 15,000 staff in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Europe and the United States. Learn more at www.haeco.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates.

About Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) is committed to delivering the best value in the sky. We are the leader in providing customizable travel options starting with an unbundled fare. This allows our Guests to pay only for the options they choose — like bags, seat assignments and refreshments — something we call À La Smarte®. We make it possible for our Guests to venture further and discover more than ever before. Our Fit Fleet® is one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the U.S. We serve destinations throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean, and are dedicated to giving back and improving those communities. Come save with us at spirit.com.

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