Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen - A vision focusing on people, growth and collaboration

Published date: 26 September 2023


(Featured: Sandra Nieuwenhuijzen, Group Director Components & Engine Services, HAECO)

Sandra's journey began many years ago when she started her career in an administrative role at Base Maintenance with KLM E&M. As she progressed and completed her studies in economics, she discovered her passion for leadership and decision-making. With the support of a mentor in a trainee program, she gained experience in various roles, honing her leadership skills and learning the importance of enabling her team members to excel in their areas of expertise.

Reflecting on her leadership philosophy, Sandra said: "It's not about being the expert; it's about empowering the experts in your department to shine." This mindset underscores her belief in the power of curiosity, asking questions, collaboration, and recognizing the unique strengths of individuals.

Drawing from her knowledge and experience, Sandra embraced the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which emphasizes efficiency and waste reduction. By involving and engaging people in the pursuit of improvement, she has fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork. "Involving the entire team in the process of continuous improvement is key to achieving meaningful results,” she remarked.

Sandra's management philosophy revolves around four key principles: Membership, Moderating, Mindfulness, and Mobilizing. By creating a sense of belonging, trust, facilitating open and robust conversations, being transparent, enhance collaboration, and recognizing the unique strengths of individuals, she creates an environment where everyone can be their best and collectively achieve excellent results.

"Creating a sense of belonging is vital for the success of any team. When everyone feels valued and included, we can achieve great things together," said Sandra.

As a female leader in a predominantly male industry, Sandra has overcome gender stereotypes and become an inspiration to others. Her natural communication skills and nurturing approach have helped her build diverse and dedicated teams that thrived

"As the Group Director of Components and Engine Services, my utmost priority lies in the people, the planet and the performance of HAECO. I am determined to make a positive impact on both HAECO as an organization and the well-being of its employees,” she added.

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