Cai Qixiong - Intertwining passions for aviation and photography

Published date: 31 October 2023


(Featured: Cai Qixiong, Base Maintenance Mechanic, HAECO Xiamen) 

Cai Qixiong, who was studying computer numerical control technology, discovered his passion for aviation during his internship at HAECO in 2019. Choosing to join the company, he now works as a mechanic in the composite workshop at HAECO's aircraft maintenance facility in Xiamen.

To sustain his enthusiasm for aviation, Cai made the decision to integrate his interests by incorporating photography into his work, transcending the confines of his mechanical profession. His deep passion for both aviation and photography led to his involvement as a photographer for HAECO events, where he found joy in capturing significant milestones for the company.


Beyond his professional endeavours, Cai actively engages with fellow aviation enthusiasts on Weibo, where he has created a thriving online community. With over 320,000 followers on his channel, he shares his thoughts and captivating aviation photos, fostering camaraderie within the social media community.


"I am truly grateful to HAECO for empowering employees like me with work flexibility, allowing me to nurture my passion for being an aviation influencer and pursue my interests. I firmly believe that finding something you love brings happiness and immense value to your life," expressed Cai.


Cai's career aspiration is to harmonise aircraft maintenance with photography, creating a space where his dreams can soar. HAECO wholeheartedly supports his vision, acknowledging that the success of our employees extends beyond their dedication to work. Irrespective of their roles, experiences, or specialisations, HAECO is committed to nurturing and developing their people, enabling them to thrive within an inclusive, open, and trusting environment.

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