Catherine Chan - A Passionate Defender of Safety and Quality



Our wonderful Group Safety Manager, Catherine Chan, is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of our colleagues. Her role in HAECO is driven by her passion, which prompted her to dive into the world of safety and risk management early on in her career.

At HAECO, safety is one of our core values and our commitment to our staff. Catherine is certainly one of the driving forces behind this promise. With her wealth of experience in operational safety, she is a trusted expert in safety and risk management. Besides people safety, she also sets up systems for quality management.

Catherine participated in the IATA World Safety Operations Conference 2023.

Catherine’s role covers different locations in the HAECO Group including Asia, Europe and the Americas. Despite the challenges of different time zones, she works steadfastly with our entities, overseeing diverse areas of safety management and reviewing their performance to ensure adherence to our standards.

“Providing a safe working environment for staff and protecting them from all possible risks are part of our organisational commitment at HAECO. It enables us to always be at our best, and deliver top-quality work to our global customers,” says Catherine.

Catherine is the co-chair of the HAECO CrossGen Allies, which aims to bridge the gap between different age groups and encourages knowledge exchange and cross generation conversation.

In fact, her genuine concern for people extends beyond her role as Group Safety Manager. Sometimes calling herself “Aunty Cat,” Catherine has an endearing smile and likes to express her friendliness. She also believes in fostering equity and enabling individuals to unleash their full potential. For instance, she took up the role of facilitator in the “IAmRemarkable” workshop, an initiative by Google to empower individuals and recognise their achievements, big or small.

“Because of my roots, I consistently look for ways to improve equity for everyone around me, because I believe in creating an enabling environment where people can be at their best,” she says.  

Catherine’s work and professionalism contribute to the well-being of our staff and HAECO’s continued achievements. Her compassionate nature makes everyone around her feel warm and keeps us closely connected. Her aspirations for safety and equity not only embody the values of HAECO, but serve as an inspiration to everyone.


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