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    • The HAECO Group is one of the world's leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service providers. The Group provides a comprehensive range of services encompassing Airframe Services, Line Services, Cabin Solutions, Private Jet Solutions, Fleet Technical Management, Inventory Technical Management, Component Overhaul, Aerostructure Repairs, Landing Gear Services, Engine Services, Parts Manufacturing and Technical Training.

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      servicescabin solutions

      Cabin Solutions

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      For more than 20 years, HAECO Cabin Solutions’ seats and interior products have flown with leading airlines around the world. The company’s design, production and certification capabilities are comprehensive and can support most cabin seating requirements for a variety of fleet types and projects. The Cabin Solutions team takes pride in its ability to work with customers on tight programme schedules, delivering seat shipsets within budget and to exacting specifications.

      Vector™ Economy

      Vector™ Economy is certified to TSO C127(b) and carries an industry-leading warranty. Leveraging HAECO’s years of experience delivering aircraft maintenance and building aircraft seats, Vector Economy minimises the operator’s acquisition, installation, and maintenance costs through pre-certification, modular design, parts commonality, and streamlined manufacturing.

      Ergonomically optimised to fit passengers comfortably while maintaining low cost, light weight, comfort, and ease of maintenance, Vector Economy offers a full line of standard and selectable features, which can be tailored to accommodate both short-haul and long-haul operators.


      Vector™ Premium

      Vector™ Premium is the latest innovation in premium seating for single-aisle business class and twin-aisle premium economy customers. Part count minimisation, carbon fiber back and seat pan make the Vector Premium seat one of the lightest but most comfortable products in its class.

      Amongst other comfort features, the seat back reclines eight inches and the fully deployed leg rest achieves a comfortable 60-degree resting angle that ergonomically accommodates up to 95% of adults.


      Employing angled, offset seating technology, Eclipse seats can be configured to provide additional PAX count, privacy, and amenities without compromising seat width, pitch or egress.

      Eclipse uses fixed privacy shells to create a strong sense of personal space, with individualised arm rests, reading lights and amenities installed in the seat to cater for needs of passengers. Driven by research on neutral body position - “Zero G”, Eclipse features a smooth incline rather than a static recline for added passenger comfort.

      Major Monuments

      HAECO Cabin Solutions offers major monuments for both line-fit and retrofit applications. With 15 years of in-house design and certification experience, its certified processes are equipped to handle projects ranging from a single aircraft, to an entire fleet. Coupled with our Cabin Optimisation and Reconfiguration Services, HAECO Cabin Solutions provides service levels and weight savings required to help keep an airline competitive.

      Product Offerings:

      • Lavatories
      • Galleys
      • Lavatory galley complexes
      • Bar units
      • Crew rest modules

      Minor Monuments

      Offering both catalogue and customised products, HAECO Cabin Solutions provides engineering solutions for every cabin. Interior monuments are designed to maximise performance and efficiency with a wide range of customisable features and configurations to fit any service level.

      Product Offerings:

      • Closets
      • Partitions and dividers
      • Doghouse storage solutions
      • Central ceiling stowage
      • Curtain tracks
      • Stowage bins

      Satellite Connectivity Systems

      As a primary integrator, HAECO Cabin Solutions designs, builds, certifies and installs connectivity systems for modern commercial aircraft, and works with external suppliers to develop custom programmes for OEM partners. Its adapter plate and installation kits are certified and approved for the following fuselages:

      • Airbus (line-fit and retrofit): Airbus A320 Series, A330, A340, A350, A380
      • Boeing (retrofit): 737, 747, 757, 767, 777
      • Bombardier (line-fit): C-Series