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    • The HAECO Group is one of the world's leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service providers. The Group provides a comprehensive range of services encompassing Airframe Services, Line Services, Cabin Solutions, Private Jet Solutions, Fleet Technical Management, Inventory Technical Management, Component Overhaul, Aerostructure Repairs, Landing Gear Services, Engine Services, Parts Manufacturing and Technical Training.

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      Press Releases

      21 Jul 2021

      HAECO Harnesses Advanced Livestream Technology to Complete Remote On-Wing Modification with OEM

      HAECO Group uses hands-free voice-controlled goggles to collaborate with an OEM and airline customer.

      Through live video streaming, remote digital inspection can be carried out in real-time to enhance the OEM and the customer experience.

      HAECO Group has recently leveraged its new remote inspection technology to complete the on-wing modification of nacelles in close collaboration with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The modification was conducted by Base Maintenance’s 24/7 On-wing Structure Support (OSS) team at HAECO Hong Kong’s maintenance hangar in Chek Lap Kok. Both the airline customer and the OEM expressed complete satisfaction with the work performed, which represented the culmination of months of preparation and teamwork involving multiple parties.

      The circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the increasing importance of digital innovation. Turning a challenging situation into an opportunity, the OSS team introduced remote digital inspection to ensure a seamless live collaborative environment between the Hong Kong-based HAECO maintenance team and the OEM technical support teams based in Singapore and the United States.

      HAECO’s remote inspection system includes voice-controlled goggles (a hands-free device equipped with a camera and screen, approved for use in hazardous environments) paired with a communication interface that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. This software allows each party connected to the system to see through the mechanic’s eyes at any time to ensure their work meets expected safety and quality standards. With their hands-free smart glasses, mechanics or inspectors can also follow digital workflows in the field, take inspection pictures, share files and capture field data.

      Remote inspections also allow real-time clarification of technical questions with remote experts (OEM and customer) through live streaming, significantly enhancing inspection efficiency and aiding on-time delivery.

      Notwithstanding the complex technical challenges and restrictions induced by COVID-19, this innovation enables the OSS team to deliver services on time at the highest levels of quality, for the benefit of its customers.

      The OSS team continues to leverage remote inspection technology in other aircraft maintenance projects, enabling it to meet HAECO’s aspirations of exceeding the expectations of customers and OEMs alike, with increased efficiency and transparency.


      About HAECO Group
      The HAECO Group is one of the world’s leading aviation product and service providers. The Group provides a comprehensive range of products and services in Airframe, Cabin, Component, and Engine segments. The HAECO Group consists of 16 operating companies, employing around 17,000 staff in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Europe, and the United States. HAECO Group’s website: