Private Jet Solutions

As one of the foremost specialists in private jets cabin completion, HAECO Xiamen is the first Airbus-approved and Boeing-licensed cabin completion centre in Asia Pacific. It offers turnkey private jet cabin completions for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, with the support of dedicated in-house backshops, well-established OEM relationships and highly skilled design engineers.

Complete Turnkey Solutions

HAECO Xiamen's services encompass not only refurbishment, but the entire cabin completion lifecycle. Dedicated teams handle design engineering and supplier management as well as certification and manual supplements.

Supply Chain Management

HAECO Xiamen offers seamless project communication with the customer in specifying all parts used in the cabin to best suit the customer’s individual preferences and requirements, which are then either fabricated in-house or procured from vendors. Vendor management, scheduling and evaluation are all included as part of the supplier management process.

Dedicated Support Shops

In addition to a dedicated private jet completion bay, HAECO Xiamen’s specialised facilities include a design office, as well as shops for cabinetry, veneer, upholstery and other cabin cosmetics.

After-sales Support

Following delivery, customers are briefed and provided with manual supplements according to the reconfigurations made. Post-modification and kit support are also provided 24/7.

Stringent Security

Hangars are segregated to control access during completion. Access to all aircraft, backshops and storage areas are strictly controlled and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance, while special controls are placed on technical documents and all photographs taken within the hangar.


HAECO Xiamen holds a Part 21 DOA and POA from the HKCAD, and is an approved DMDOR of the CAAC. A working arrangement is in place between the HKCAD and EASA whereby EASA will validate STCs awarded by HKCAD to HAECO Xiamen. HAECO Americas also operates a facility in San Antonio, Texas, specialising in the provision of FAA certification services.