Freighter Conversion

As the world’s first MRO to conduct a 747-400BCF conversion, HAECO is a trusted pioneer in the industry, converting Boeing 737-300/400, 747-200/300/400, 757 and 767 aircraft to full freighters in association with OEMs, STC holders and affiliated production partners. Impeccable schedule integrity and rigorous quality assurance ensure excellent service delivery across the Group’s hangars in Xiamen and Jinan in Mainland China, and at facilities in the U.S.

Boeing 747-400 Passenger/Combi to Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF)

HAECO’s subsidiary, HAECO Xiamen, conducts most of the BCF conversions through Boeing STCs. As a Part 21 certified manufacturer, the company also manufactures BCF parts in-house. 

Boeing 737-300/400 Passenger to Full Freighter/Quick Change (QC)/Combi

Two HAECO group companies, HAECO Xiamen and Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd. (STAECO), conduct QC and full freighter conversions through PEMCO STCs. It is also the service centre for PEMCO’s freighter and QC fleet in Asia Pacific. 

Boeing 757 Passenger to Full Freighter

HAECO Xiamen conducts full freighter conversions through a Precision STC. 

Boeing 767 Passenger-to-Package Carrier Conversions

To date, HAECO Americas has performed 10 Boeing 767 passenger-to-package carrier conversions under customer-held STCs. 

Turnaround Time

Conversions are generally completed in 85 to 90 days, subject to individual project parameters. To reduce downtime, full freighter conversions can be conducted in parallel with heavy maintenance such as D checks and other modifications.

Quality Assurance

Onsite quality assurance teams ensure that all work is conducted to the highest standards, submitting daily reports as part of a comprehensive quality control process.